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To provide funeral directors with assistance in addressing their insurance and financial services needs, Thanexus operates a wholly-owned insurance subsidiary, Thanexus Financial Services, LLC.

Specializing in insurance coverage for funeral homes and related businesses, the agency is staffed by salaried, non-commissioned producers who have no personal financial interest in your decisions regarding coverage.

By using salary-based compensation, Thanexus Financial Services, LLC encourages its agency force to focus on service rather than volume, resulting in value and purchasing clarity for policyholders. Our staff is licensed in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Participating funeral directors placed more than $3.26 million in insurance premiums with Thanexus Financial services LLC in 2016. Insurance services are available to funeral directors and funeral homes, access is not restricted to participating stockholder firms.

To find out more and learn how our offerings can give your funeral home the detailed attention you deserve, contact Thanexus today at 1.888.309.5137. All inquiries are confidential.

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