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Retaining and replenishing a high quality work force remains one of the greatest challenges that funeral home owners encounter. While owners focus on running their businesses, and their staff focus on serving families, Thanexus' human resources team focuses on the employment-related needs of owners and employees.

Thanexus stockholders can offer their funeral home employees human resource and employee benefit packages they could not on their own. Thanexus also offers the human resource training, payroll and accounting capabilities, and regulatory and compliance knowledge that usually only come with larger companies.

As of December 2016, Thanexus, Inc. shares employment-related responsibilities with 77 stockholders in 138 registered mortuaries at 121 worksites with 864 funeral service employees. That represents a combined gross annual payroll of $32.9 million.

To find out more and learn how our offerings can give your funeral home the detailed attention you deserve, contact Thanexus today at 1.888.309.5137. All inquiries are confidential.

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